DISTRIM 2 is a preferred business partner in the industry with more than 20 years of experience. Although we started with a range of comprehensive turn-key solutions for checking fixtures, we quickly expanded to include services for high speed machining and aeronautics.

We are constantly investing in our company as we foresee market demands. Our clients are our top priority and we are evolving on a constant basis with the latest technologies and software to be able to meet the high demands of industries such as automotive and aerospace.

Delivering quality to our customer is a priority and we have implemented processes to ensure high standard of quality and reliability every time. We hold the following certifications:
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Our latest investment is the Digital Factory. The Digital Factory is our newest state-of-the-art Industry 4.0 expansion. 

At the heart of the Digital Factory is a dynamic system for energy efficiency. We installed solar panels so that the factory will be able to run on solar energy. It also has an advanced temperature-controlled system in conjunction with advanced insulation.


To be able to monitor the energy efficiency of our activities we adopted a digital energy management system. It helps us to run our machines as efficiently as possible with time and cost saving objectives.

Our open work space encourages collaboration and transparency. Our team believes that more heads is better than one and that the best solutions always come through exchange of ideas and open conversations.